Paragliding Puerto Rico

Paragliding equipment

Flight site

Our first flight site are located in Morovis, located in the central zone of the island, a safe and accessible location with a spectacular panoramic view of the valley of Morovis, the coast of Manatee, Vega Alta, the Cordillera Central and San Juan.


The site of takeoff has a height of 1430ft AMSL, has safety zone oriented towards the Northeast and it is possible to fly with wind N-NE-ENE-E.

Landing zone

6 Landing zones (duly authorized * see regulation below), free of obstacles and electrical laying make Morovis the safest place in Puerto Rico for free flight practice.

Thermal activity-XC

The Morovis Valley offers great thermal activity and excellent conditions to carry out Cross Country flights.

Information for pilots

The Paragliding Puerto Rico Flight Club Report:

All pilots who want to fly in Morovis are informed that there is a regulation in common with land owners (landing and takeoff zones), making it necessary for each to sign the waiver of responsibilities in the event of an accident.

The use of the takeoff has a price of $25 per day, a fee that must be paid on the day of flight, the money raised is non-profit and intended to maintain the areas established for takeoff and landing.

Security Norms
Every pilot or student who fly in Morovis should count with the following arrangements agreed on by the Paragliding Puerto Rico Flight Club with the goal to avoid accidents or lower the risk while practicing this sport:

  • Porting Communication Radio FM2 meters VHF/UHF frequency 145000.
  • Carry a chair/Harness with dorsal protection (airbag or foam).
  • Use helmet suitable for the activity.
  • Have an emergency parachute properly installed in the harness/chair.
  • Use a glider or wing in good condition, in size according to the weight of the pilot team and certified at the appropriate level for the capabilities of the pilot/pupil.
  • Certificate or license that proves the pilot is a free flight pilot.

If you do not have the above measures the owners of the land and the Paragliding Puerto Rico Flight Club do not allow the use of the launch or landing zones.

To coordinate visits to the flight zone please send an email to: 

Paragliding Puerto Rico Flight Club and Land Owners.